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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."                                                                         Mahatma Gandhi

To make successful business in Europe, you need to set up distributors in each individual country. After you decided which countries have the best market potential for your product, it is vital to analyse the market in order to find the best possible distribution partners in those countries, intercultural conditions have to be considered. In addition for announcing distributors, you also need to consider a European support structure to accommodate long term growth, including European warehousing, European logistics, and potentially European product support.

Wether you are looking to expand your international network of distributors, or you wish to enter new markets for the first time, a proper evaluating of new distributors of your products is vital. Too often, companies enter a new market without making their “homework” and to find out later that they wished they had done more analysis before selecting distributors. Choosing the wrong distributor can lead to significant loss in sales and reputation and a bad services to end users, can damage your brand name in a market and potential for future success.

Shown below is the process used to evaluate new distributors in Europe.

Phase 1: Make a profile of future distributor

Phase 2: Contact potential distributors in order to check their product line, make interviews and provide samples and introduce your own product

Phase 3: Discuss a possible cooperation and evaluate the potential of distributor

Phase 4: Select distributor, make further discussion, make a marketing plan, get first order

You may need external support for the following:

Market Entry Research - Provide market analysis about your product and the existing market

Distributor Search and Qualification - Searching for the appropriate distributor

Distribution Management - Support in managing existing distributors in order to ensure long term relationship

Transportation, Logistics and Other Services - Help and find the service companies and manage to obtain necessary licenses if any

We can assist you in order to expand your business successfully.

For further information please contact me. I am at your disposal. Always!